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I created this Blog to talk about how to run marketing for smaller, but growth-oriented B2B organizations. My wish is to provide insight into how marketing can be transformed to not only provide measurable results, but also to support the transformation of an organization. The Blog is for all marketing, existing or aspiring, leaders, Sales leaders, and even the CEO.

——- the story —-

I find marketing the most dynamic and interesting but also one of the most challenging functions within a B2B organization. Many B2B enterprises consider marketing essential yet struggle to leverage its full potential.

Why? First, it is about knowledge. Because marketing lies at the crossroads of functions, marketing leaders must master many, also non-marketing areas. Second, it is about internal relationships with roles such as Sales and the CEO. Marketing always had a cat-dog relationship with Sales. Third, it is about resources and priorities. Teams usually start small, so balancing the many expectations is difficult. Ultimately it all comes down to demonstrating contribution to the business which also is not always easy. And we have even not touched on subjects such as brand-sales balance, and how to leverage the many emerging technologies, tools and techniques.

The digitalisation era we live in provides an opportunity for a new type of marketing leader. As large parts of the buying cycle moved online, there is a major opportunity now for B2B marketing leaders to turn their organisations into growth and change engines of their organizations. 

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